Testimonial – Joe from Portland

General Health Tips

“Lisa’s approach has helped me focus on my
successes, and helps me set attainable and realistic
goals. For example, each week we meet to review the
meals I’ve consumed, activity levels, and to discuss
upcoming goals. She embraces technology, and I keep
a visual food journal that gives me a practical and
accurate reminder of what I have eaten. This helps
me be mindful with meal selection, and frees me from
scrutinizing over every calorie. In addition to meal
reviews, she helps me set realistic “everyday” exercise
goals. For instance, I have recently incorporated
8 flights of stairs per day into my activities. I have
lost 40 lbs. from my starting weight of 390. Because
Lisa helps set me up for incremental success, I feel
empowered and in control. I’ve become healthier
than I ever have in my adult life.”

~ Joe from Portland

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