Remote Weight Loss Coaching

Do you live in Arizona, Florida, Minnesota, Hawaii, northern Maine or another location far from Portland, Maine? You are the perfect candidate to take advantage of my Remote Weight Loss Coaching. Everything takes place via telephone or Skype, and email. It’s easy, it’s convenient. It’s fun…and IT WORKS!

It’s so simple! Prior to your first appointment, you’ll receive everything to get you started including your Weekly Food and Exercise Log and Weight Loss Info Form. When I receive your completed Weight Loss Info Form, we are off and running.

Each week you track your food and exercise. We schedule our weekly coaching session for a day and time that is convenient for you. All you need to do is send your completed log to me so we can look at it together or keep it on My Fitness Pal in your phone or computer. We will review what is working for you and what needs some attention. We’ll discuss any challenges in the coming week and how to handle them.

Each week we will set weekly nutrition and fitness goals. You are responsible for meeting those goals just the same as you would be if we were meeting in person.

Long distance weight loss coaching works! In 2008 one client in Minnesota reached her goal weight after losing 88 lbs. Another client in New York lost 37 lbs. this year! Here is what a few remote coaching clients had to say:

“Working with Lisa to promote my health is like turning on a bright light! I have already lost 20% of my body weight, and I feel younger, energetic, and happy. There’s not a day that I don’t wake up and thank my lucky stars that I happened upon Lisa’s website. I live in a rural area, and I needed to find someone who could coach me remotely. This turned out to be one of the best decisions and investments I’ve made in my life. As a matter of fact, it initiated a wave of wellness in my home, and my family is now exercising more, eating better, and focusing on a healthy lifestyle. Today, a friend told me that I inspired him to take off some extra pounds he’s been carrying around. There are many diet and exercise plans out there, but Lisa’s really works. Having to be accountable to Lisa (and myself!), tracking what I eat, planning my exercise and meals, and setting goals have become core parts of my life. It’s truly like somebody turned on a bright light in my life! Thank you, Lisa!”

~Laura L.

“My name is Sophia and I’m 20 years old. I began working with Lisa in May of 2016 and I’ve lost about 50 pounds since then. I’ve had a long battle with weight gain and crash dieting. One-on-one nutrition counseling is an excellent tool to pinpoint the causes and reduce the likelihood of emotional eating. By learning how to eat mindfully, I was able to finally unchain myself from the hold food had on me.”

~ Sophia

“Lisa’s remote nutrition coaching is so much more than a diet and nutrition program. My name is Paula and I’m a 56 year old working Mom living in Long Island, New York. I’ve been working with Lisa for over 2 years. My initial goal to lose weight was quickly met using the tools and coaching Lisa provided. But what I think is most important is the ongoing personal support I receive, now monthly, from Lisa. I’ve learned that it’s not just about the food I eat. It’s about the way I now take care of my health–physically, emotionally and spiritually. I’ve gained a new sense of pride and self-esteem. My 20 year old daughter saw how this program helped me–unlike the many other diets she’s watched me struggle with– and she asked if she could work with Lisa. Of course I said yes and now she is now 50 pounds lighter and has learned how to use healthy tools to manage her health. We both owe Lisa our gratitude and thanks for her support and caring.

Thanks Lisa–you’re the best!”

Send me an inquiry today and let your weight loss journey begin! It is time for a healthy new you!