Is rice safe to eat?

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Rice is known to accumulate certain toxic metals including arsenic and mercury from fertilizers, the soil, or the water. Therefore is it safe to eat rice?  Well, that depends if you are also eating rice cakes, rice crackers, gluten free breads and rolls made from rice flour, cooking with rice vinegar, or drinking rice milk?  Does it matter if the rice is organic or not? No, the rice absorbs the arsenic from the soil regardless. Here is a link to what the FDA says about arsenic and rice:

I recommend enjoying rice and rice crackers including crackers like Artisan Nut-Thins whose first ingredient is brown rice flour, in moderation. If I have brown rice for dinner I skip the rice crackers at lunch the next day. If my recipe calls for rice vinegar I don’t eat rice cakes as a snack that day. Enjoy your rice and products made from rice flour but don’t over do it!



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