Nutritious foods: A bell pepper, shallots, carrots and a cooking pot

Nutrition Coaching

When I first came to see Lisa Prince I was frustrated and afraid. I thought she might be judgemental or encourage me to feel bad about my eating habits. I also knew what I had been doing was not working at all, but I did not know how to take the next steps. Lisa listened with empathy and patience. She gave me the tools to rethink the way I approached food and encouraged me when I had made missteps to take the reins once more. I came up with a mantra to repeat when I was tempted to overeat: It was, “I can be safe and strong in a healthy body.” I still repeat that occasionally. I know now that that seeing Lisa was one of the most important decisions I have made. Learning to listen to my body and eating only when I am hungry has given me freedom from seeing food as my only resource for comfort. I have become more active and learned even in a tiny kitchen that making the time to cook good food is worth it. If you are on the fence, know this: Lisa Prince provides a safe space and will be there with you to help you find your way to a healthier body and mind, and once you take that first step every one that follows will get easier.

~ Isabelle, Portland, ME

Written after completing the 12 week program with Lisa Prince

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