Holiday Survival Strategies!

Healthy Holidays
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When trying to maintain or even lose weight 95% of your diet should be about nourishing your body with healthy, food and 5% should be because it is JOYFUL! Foods like your mother’s special Christmas cookies. On holidays like Christmas enjoy these foods in moderation and skip the chips and dip you can eat any time of the year.

Do not arrive at the party absolutely starving. Have a small snack a couple of hours before the event i.e., an apple and a slice of low-fat cheese. This ensures that you are hungry but not famished.

Look over all the goodies before you bite and then choose what you really want.

If you try something and you do not like it; STOP eating it and throw it out as covertly as possible.

If there is a dinner make sure not to fill up on too many appetizers and be too full to enjoy the meal. Remember to put your utensils down between bites, taking time to socialize.

If the party is only appetizers try and look them over first and choose what you really feel like. Do NOT stand and talk near the appetizer table. When you have your plate MOVE AWAY from the food.

When you are done eating throw your plate away, paper only please, so that you are not tempted to get seconds.

Chew a piece of gum or sip water when you have decided that you are finished eating to keep your hands and mouth busy.

Bring your own healthy appetizer that you can nibble on like fresh veggies and hummus.

Be aware of the calories in alcohol. Avoid cocktails with sugary mixers and stick to a 5 oz glass of wine for about 100 calories or a light beer for about 110 calories.

Alternate alcoholic beverages with water.

Do not nibble while cleaning up instead put a piece of gum in your mouth or a sugar free hard candy.

Do not bring leftovers home if they will call your name in the middle of the night. Tell yourself, I can have this food again. No need for a “last supper!”

With these simple strategies you can enjoy some Holiday treats and not worry what the scale will show on New Year’s Day!

January 9, 2017

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